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We are EXCITED to announce the pool will be open this year starting on Memorial Day weekend, starting on Friday May 28th, 2021. 



On Friday May 14th, 2021 Governor Ralph Northam held a press conference to brief the state regarding his upcoming
Executive Order 79 set to go into effect midnight May 28th. Clearwater has contacted both the local health departments
and the state health department to better understand how EO79 will change swimming pools for this summer. The
following is how Clearwater has been instructed to interpret EO79 and its impacts on pools:
• Capacity restrictions of 75% have been eliminated;
• Distancing restrictions for vaccinated individuals have been eliminated;
• COVID-19 screenings with the lifeguard are to continue;
• Signage for distancing is no longer required;
• Signage for COVID-19 symptoms and CDC “Stop the Spread” are to be posted;
• Cleaning requirement frequency has dropped from every 2hrs to every 24hrs;
• Waders/Baby pools can be opened while maintaining 10ft distancing between non-vaccinated individuals; and
• All non-vaccinated patrons should wear masks while not in the water, maintain distance of 6ft on the pool deck
and 10ft in the water.
There are many interpretations of what was conveyed May 14th, but as your service provider, Clearwater has taken the
time to collect the most accurate information we can from the most reliable sources. Please validate any information
regarding EO79 against the local and state health department’s instructions.
Just as last summer, Clearwater staff will not be enforcing any social distancing in the water or on the deck, when
applicable, and will make it the personal responsibility of the patrons; same approach will be applied to the waders. With
less than two weeks to implement the changes for EO79, Clearwater is working quickly to get waders up and running after
being shut down for nearly two years while making the necessary adjustments to the pool and pool area to be as closely
aligned with the most recent guidance as possible. We ask for patience as we make the adjustments.
Clearwater is still recommending the use of cleaners and sanitizers/sanitizing stations at the pools to help prevent spread.
Clearwater staff not fully vaccinated will continue to wear masks in customer-facing situations. No Clearwater staff
member is required to disclose to anyone if they are vaccinated or not, just as Clearwater will not be asking any patrons
about their vaccination status or any other personal health choices.


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